Voice dialogue and other powerful do-it-yourself tools for gaining self awareness and increasing your self empowerment. Find out what happens when you use voice dialogue, that is interviewing your inner selves, meeting and talking with your sub personalities. It works...  


Make positive changes in your life (the changes you want, the changes that really make a difference) by expanding your self awareness and increasing your sense of self-empowerment. Discover who you really are, achieve what you really want to with your life.  Learn how to use voice dialogue to make positive changes in your life (the changes you want, the changes that really make a difference).

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Free Book - Introduction to Voice Dialogue and  Self Awareness
Voice Dialogue may or may not suit you. There is no better way of creating a wonderful sense of self-awareness, an understanding of "So this is who I really am".  But are you ready for this level of understanding? Because with it comes a load of  self-empowerment and the knowledge that you have inside you an aware grown-up system that provides you with the energy and the understanding to run your own life and fix your own problems. Ready? Then you are ready for Voice Dialogue.



This website was the original 1996 site that started the Voice Dialogue and Growing Awareness Series  - it is still a great site and there are still some pages that are found only on this site.

However, our Voice Dialogue flagship site is now
www.voice-dialogue-inner-self-awareness.com . Some of the pages are the same as on this site but the indexing of content and navigation is better there. You will find many new and updated pages there as well.

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Voice Dialogue
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Self Awareness Inner Selves - a Guide

Do it Yourself Voice Dialogue

Let the Inner Selves Help You Facilitate

Voice Dialogue training in Australia

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Underlying Vulnerability
Bottom Line Issues
When selves try to deal with abandonment and engulfment
The adult-child state
Accessing and Sharing Your Emotions

The Finger in the Socket Test
Twelve Steps of Dependants Anonymous

Growing Awareness Table of contents
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Four Levels of Self-awareness

Emotional Age gauge

Negative Core Belief Balancing
Negative Core Beliefs - and how they control the selves and your life

Where does core belief work fit in with voice dialogue?
How and why your inner selves react when a core belief is triggered
Bonding Patterns Notes

Negative Bonding Patterns
Understanding Bonding Patterns
Bonding Patterns Notes
More notes on Bonding Patterns
Getting out of Bonding patterns
Bonding Patterns case studies

Relationship pages
The many Languages of love
Power and Control in relationships

Better not leave it up to inner selves to handle  relationship problems
Personal and Impersonal Connections
Making up After a Fight

Other Articles worth reading with many linked pages
More linked Pages (some duplicated above)
And More linked Pages (some duplicated above)


Introduction to Voice Dialogue

The three stages of Self Awareness (illustrated)

Signs an inner self is driving Your Bus

Identifying opposite selves

Avoiding - Engulfing - Abandoning - Enmeshment Dance

A Short History of the Inner Selves

The High Intensity selves - Cannons, Crucifixes and Concreting the Cellar

The troublesome ten percent

The self-fulfilling prophecy trap

The "Top 100"  Inner selves

Voice Dialogue helps You balance Your Belief System and regain Control of your life

Free Inner Self profile

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My original  412 page text book "Growing Awareness" published in 2000" is no longer in print. Instead I have converted that book into a series of more than 10 new and revised books, the "Growing Awareness set"

 E-mail me please at bligh4@growingaware.com for details and prices of all the books in the series.

There are a number of free books which I am happy to send you which introduce you to some of the main topics covered in the "Growing Awareness Set" These include



1. Introduction to Negative Core Belief Balancing   Go to my website www.core-beliefs-balance.com  where you can order this free  book.

2.Loving Your Inner Child    Go to my website www.love-your-innerchild.com where you can order this free  book.

3. My new book on Emotional Age Awareness Go to my website www.emotional-age-power.com where you can order this free  book.


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  • Making positive changes in your life  the changes you want (the changes that will really make a difference) making changes the way you want to make them and at your own pace.

  • Personal growth and freedom through self-awareness, increasing the number of choices you have in life.

  • Making your relationships work. Partnering skills, developing intimacy, trust and stronger linkage.         

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Voice Dialogue, Core Belief and Self Awareness Workshops - Brisbane, North Coast and Gold Coast (Queensland) and Sydney
- e-mail me bligh4@growingaware.com for details.


We invite you to copy and print any information on this site for your own use  FREE of any payment. These articles, including many extracts from the book "Growing Awareness" can help you make the changes you want to make in your life, improve your self esteem, loving and  relationships and bring more and success into everything you do.      

Many new postings will not appear on this website but will be found on our new Voice Dialogue website


This grand old Voice Dialogue website was the first one I ever built  and with over 51,000 hits it has been well received but recently a number of pages have disappeared and the layout and navigation is getting a bit ragged as well.  I am moving all the pages from here over to the new 2014 website.

Some pages have not been moved so it is still worth exploring this site but pages here that have been moved carry a header and link to the same page (updated) on my new flagship Voice Dialogue flagship website  ....



John Bligh Nutting

My websites - each one dealing with a different topic

My Flagship site
The latest information on voice dialogue - a powerful tool for growing self-awareness, self empowerment, self-healing and the Key to Balancing your Life.
.This site explains voice dialogue and self awareness using recognised terms and descriptions. It is dedicated to Dr Hal Stone and and Dr Sidra Stone who developed this powerful process and their continuing work on the Psychology of the inner Selves.

Emotional Age Colored Wheel - an Amazing new Voice Dialogue  tool - (free download) Emotional Age Gauge


Designed to work in conjunction with Voice Dialogue by grouping all your Inner selves according to their continually changing emotional ages. My long term voice dialogue clients are telling me "Now I finally understand what is going on with my  Inner Selves!". More important they are now making more powerful changes sooner and more effectively.

My first website now in its 18th year
Most pages from this original site are being transferred to the new Flagship site (above) but there are still many pages well worth while reading. More information about voice dialogue - a powerful tool for growing self-awareness, self empowerment, self-healing and the Key to Balancing your Life.

Balance and unblock your inner clamps
Core beliefs are one of the main causes of clamps and blockages that stop us growing or doing what we want to in life. This site will help you to diagnose your own unique negative core belief and then balance it.

Loving and Protecting Inner Children everywhere
Dedicated to inner children everywhere. A magical site with some practical advice on how to love, protect and care for your own Inner child using voice dialogue and other skills including visualisation and story telling..

A Self Awareness site to help Men and Women overcome the toxic influence of their Inner Patriarch and Inner Matriarch
Self awareness and self empowerment can work differently for women and men. At the heart of these differences are two extremely dangerous inner selves - the Inner Matriarch and the Inner Patriarch. They fight each other constantly and they encourage fights between men and women. The only thing they have in common is that they are both dedicated to keeping all men and all women out of loving, successful grown-up relationships at home, at work or anywhere else. We all have an Inner Patriarch and an Inner Matriarch inside us but there is much we can do to reduce their toxic influence.

Healing a Broken or damaged relationship

About broken relationships and what it takes to heal them.

Experiments in an alternative style of Voice Dialogue
An experimental and alternate way of explaining voice dialogue using easy to visualise descriptions, fables and analogies based around life in the the "inner village" and the journey as we climb further up "Awareness Hill "  WARNING this website does not use classic voice dialogue wording.


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