List of typical negative core beliefs

Although we may "believe" them (and yet be unaware of them) the good news is that today they are largely false beliefs.          

The overall pattern
Everyone seems to have different unbalanced or negative beliefs of their own. Most of these beliefs however are connected in a broad way with a sense of lost self worth:

General negative core beliefs or
feelings about myself:

not good enough (incompetent)
not good enough (unlovable)
unwanted, different
defective, imperfect, bad
powerless, one-below
in danger, not safe
don’t know, wrong

Life Issue related to core belief

self worth
reality, reason

Within these broad belief patterns, however, are hundreds of different, personal variations and it is when you identifying yours things start to be come much clearer about many of the major issues in your life. (See examples below)
NOTE: A core belief is always an "I" statement as in "I am unlovable"   A belief "Nobody loves me" is called a 'supporting belief', a prediction or forecast about what others will do or have done. But if it were not for the core belief we may well have been able to accept love and be loved. The untrue core belief is what helped make other people's reactions occur and so give the core belief the 'appearance' of being true. (A self fulfilling prophecy.)

"Growing Awareness" (the book) contains a set of step by step worksheets that have been thoroughly "road tested" by over 2000 individual clients. These enable you to identify in private your own particular core beliefs. As you work through the pages you will develop a much greater awareness of your core beliefs and how you are triggered. You also become aware of the way your automatic protectors (your inner selves) react to triggers and as a result how they control your life and play havoc with your relationships.

Latest news - The notes here which go back to around 2000 are still valid but we now have a much more up to date website devoted just to Core belief work and Core belief balancing. There you will find all these pages (updated) plus many more new articles, new worksheets and more explanations and it is being up dated every week. Go to

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Not good enough (incompetent)

I am no good

I can’t get it right

I can’t make it work (klutz)

I can’t fix it

I am not good enough

I am unsuccessful

I’m not valuable

I am inferior

I am nothing

I am worthless

I am invisible

I am insignificant


Not good enough (unlovable)

I am not lovable

I am unacceptable

I am plain and dull

I am not special

I don’t matter

I am unworthy

I am not interesting enough


Don’t know, wrong

I don’t know

I get it wrong

I am always wrong

I can’t understand

I’m not understood

I am in the wrong place

I am no good

I am a mistake


In danger or not safe

I’m not safe

I am afraid

I am uncertain

I am vulnerable

I am helpless


Unwanted, different

I don’t belong

I am unwanted

I am alone

I am unwelcome

I don’t fit in anywhere

I don’t exist

I’m nothing

I should not be here at all

I’m not anybody

I am left out

I am unsuitable

I am uninteresting

I am unimportant

I don’t matter


Defective, imperfect, bad

It’s my fault

I am guilty

I am bad

I am not whole

I am imperfect

I am unattractive

I am flawed

I am stupid

I am awkward

I am slow

I can’t be me

I’m not true

I’m dirty

I am ugly

I am fat

I’m shameful

I am unclean

I am useless

I am crazy

I have a mental problem

I am out of control

I can’t make myself clear

I am mistaken

I am unbalanced

I will fail

I am a failure

I don’t deserve to be loved

I don’t deserve to be cared for

I don’t deserve anything

There’s something wrong with me


Powerless, one-below

I can’t do it

I can’t

I am a victim

I am weak

I am powerless

I am a failure

I am ineffective

I don’t have any choice

I am less than

I am helpless

I finish last

I am always number two

I am always one-below

I can’t stand up for myself

I am inferior

I am a loser

I am inadequate

I can’t say ‘no’



I am a klutz (awkward)

I am a schmuk (unsophisticated)

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